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Owl Find It! Quiz Name_______________________________________
Use the Little Explorers picture dictionary to answer the following questions.

1. Look in the dictionary entry for "owl." Do owls have good eyesight? _______________

2. This word starts with a "C." An owl is a meat eater, also known as a ______________________

3. This word starts with an "N." Owl eyes face forwards. They cannot move their eyes around like we can. To see an object at their side, they must move this part of their body. What is it? __________________

4. This word starts with an "N." Most owls are active at night and sleep during the day. What is the word for this behavior? _______________

5. This word starts with an "F." These things cover a bird's body. They help an owl fly, keep it warm, and absorb the sounds that the wings make while flying. What are they? _____________________

6. This word starts with a "C." Owls (and other birds) have these hard, sharp nails on their feet. They use them to catch their prey. What is this word? _______________

7. This word starts with a "B." It is the hard part of an owl's mouth. What is it called? ___________________

8. This word starts with a "G." It is one of the biggest owls. It lives in North and South America. What is this owl called? _____________________________

9. This word starts with an "S." It is a white owl that lives in cold, snowy areas (called tundra). What is this owl called? _____________________________

10. This word starts with an "S." It is an owl that lives in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. What is this owl called? __________________

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Subject: Owls, reading, writing, introduction to research on the Internet

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