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Quiz Answers
The White House
The White House: Quiz
US Symbols

White House

1. What is the capital city of the USA? _____________________________

2. What is the address of the White House? _____________________________

3. Who won the 1792 architectural design competition to design the White House? _____________________________

4. When was the White House originally built? _____________________________

5. When did the White House burn down? _____________________________

6. Who burned it down? _____________________________

7. Did George Washington live in the White House? __________________________

8. Who was the first US President to live in the White House? _____________________________

9. When did this President move into the White House? _____________________________

10. In what city did this President live before moving into the White House? _____________________________

11. During which President's term was electricity added to the White House? _____________________________

12. During which President's term was the west wing added to the White House? _____________________________

13. What is the name of the President office? _____________________________

14. Where in the White House is the Oval Office located? _____________________________

15. When was the White House completely remodeled, making it structurally sound? _____________________________

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