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Table of the Dinosaurs
Use the table to answer the questions.

Dinosaur Length Diet When it Lived
(millions of years ago)
T. rex 12.4 m meat 85 to 65 mya
Stegosaurus 8-9 m plants 156-140 mya
Triceratops 9 m plants 72 to 65 mya
Apatosaurus 21-27m plants 157-146 mya
Velicoraptor 1.5-2 m meat 85-80 mya
Ankylosaurus 7.5-10.7 m plants 70-65 mya

1. How many dinosaurs are listed in this table? ___________________

2. Which dinosaur in this table was the biggest? ________________________

3. Which dinosaur in this table was the smallest? ___________________

4. Which dinosaurs in this table were carnivores (meat-eaters)? _______________________


5. How many dinosaurs in this table were herbivores (plant-eaters)? _______________________

6. Which dinosaur in this table was the smallest herbivore (plant-eater)? _______________________

7. Which dinosaur in this table was the biggest herbivore (plant-eater)? _______________________

8. Which dinosaur in this table lived longest ago? ___________________

9. Which three dinosaurs in this table lived most recently? _____________________


10. Could T. rex have preyed upon Stegosaurus? Why? ___________________


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