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All About Gibbons - Print-out
Find it! in All About Gibbons

Use All About Gibbons to answer the following gibbon questions.

1. Do gibbons live a solitary existence or do they live in small family groups?
2. Are gibbons diurnal (more active during the day) or nocturnal (more active during the night)?  
3. What food is the mainstay of the gibbon's diet?  
4. Can gibbons swim?  
5. In what type of habitat do gibbons live — old-growth tropical rain forest, temperate rain forest, tundra, or desert?  
6. What is the term that describes the way a gibbon moves by swinging from branch to branch?  
7. How much does an adult gibbon weigh?  
8. Do gibbons have a tail?  
9. Are gibbons vertebrates, mammals, primates, lesser apes, or all of these?  
10. What does arboreal mean?  

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Level: Grade 3-5 Subject: gibbons, mammals, reading, writing, introduction to mammalian research on the internet

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