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All About Siamangs - Print-out
Find it! in All About Siamangs

Use All About Siamangs to answer the following siamang questions.

1. Are siamangs a type of chimpanzee or a type of gibbon?
2. What unique physical feature amplifies a siamang's voice?  
3. Are siamangs the largest or smallest of the lesser apes?  
4. What color fur do siamangs have?  
5. Where are siamangs from?  
6. Are siamangs vegetarians?  
7. Are siamangs in danger of extinction?  
8. Which are stronger, the siamang's legs or arms?  
9. Do siamangs have any webbed toes?  
10. In what part of the rain forest do siamangs live?  

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Level: Grade 3-5 Subject: siamangs, mammals, reading, writing, introduction to mammalian research on the internet

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