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1. Are most bears herbivores (plant-eaters), carnivores (meat-eaters) or omnivores (eating meat and plants)? ___________________________

2. What type of bear is the largest bear living today? ____________________________

3. Are there any bears native to Africa? ____________

4. Can bears swim? ______________

5. Are bears plantigrade (flat-footed, like people) or digitigrade (walking on their toes, like cats and dogs)? ______________________

6. Do bears live in large social groups? ______________

7. Do some bears hibernate (or go into a dormant state) during winter? ________________

8. Do bears have good eyesight? _________________

9. Are bears crustaceans, mammals, amphibians, or reptiles? ________________

10. Which is the following is not a bear: the panda, the koala, the grizzly, or the Sun bear? ___________________________

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