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Label Mole External Anatomy Diagram
Mole Printout
Read the definitions below, then label the mole external anatomy diagram.
Mole external anatomy to label

Long, powerful tail - Many moles have a long, powerful tail.
Long, thick, brown fur - This fur insulates the mole against temperature extremes.
Mouth - The mouth contains sharp, pointed teeth; it is located under the snout.
Pointed snout - The sensitive snout helps the mole find its food.
Sensory whiskers - Moles have a very good sense of touch. In addition to whiskers, they have sensory bumps on the snout and sensory hairs on the feet and tail.
Shovel-shaped, thick-clawed feet - These substantial claws are used for burrowing and catching food.
Tiny, dark eye - Moles are virtually blind.
Tiny ear - Moles do not have very good hearing.

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