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More on Egypt
Label the Map of Egypt
Label Africa
Egypt's Flag
Read the definitions below, then label the map of Egypt.
Label the Map of Egypt

Alexandria - a northern Egyptian city on the Mediterranean Sea and the Nile River.
Aswan - An Egyptian city on the Nile River that is just north of Lake Nasser.
Bahariya Oasis - An oasis in northwestern Egypt.
Cairo - The capital of Egypt, located on the Nile River.
Israel - A country that borders Egypt on the northeast.
Jordan - A country that is near Egypt on the northeast; it is east of Israel and north of Saudi Arabia.
Lake Nasser - A large lake on the Nile River - located in southeastern Egypt.
Libya - A country that borders Egypt on the west.
Luxor - An Egyptian city on the Nile River; it is south of Cairo and north of Aswan.
Mediterranean Sea - the sea that borders Egypt to the north.
Nile River - a huge river that runs through Egypt.
Red Sea - A sea that is east of much of Egypt.
Saudi Arabia - A country that is near Egypt, across the Red Sea; it is south of Jordan.
Sinai - A peninsula in northeastern Egypt.
Sudan - A country that borders Egypt on the south.
Suez Canal - A canal that connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

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