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Label the Outer Layers of the Earth
Inside the Earth Page
Read the definitions below, then label the outer layers of the Earth.
Outer layers of the Earth to label

Continental Crust - the thick parts of the Earth's crust, not located under the ocean.
Lithosphere - the crust plus the rigid, upper mantle.
Lower Mantle (semi-rigid) - the deepest parts of the mantle, just above the core.
Mohorovicic discontinuity - separates the crust and the upper mantle.
Ocean - large bodies of water sitting atop oceanic crust.
Oceanic Crust - thin parts of the Earth's crust located under the oceans.
Upper Mantle (rigid) - the uppermost part of the mantle, part of the Lithosphere.
Upper Mantle (flowing) = Asthenosphere - the lower part of the upper mantle that exhibits plastic (flowing) properties. It is located below the lithosphere (the crust and upper mantle).

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