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African-American History
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Rosa Parks:
Cloze Activity

Fill in the blanks below using the word bank.
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Word Bank:





civil rights










Rosa Parks, born Rosa Louise McCauley (February 4, 1913 - October 24, 2005) was a pivotal figure in the fight for ______________________. She protested segregation laws in the USA. Her actions led to major reforms (changes), including a Supreme ______________________ ruling against segregation.

On December 1, 1955, a Montgomery, ______________________, bus driver ordered Mrs. Parks to give up her ___________________ seat to a white _________________. When she refused, she was ______________________ and fined.

Mrs. Parks' arrest resulted in thousands of leaflets being distributed, calling for a ______________________ of city buses on Monday, December 5, _________________. Mrs. Parks was convicted of violating local segregation ____________________, and the bus boycott was extended. The boycott eventually lasted for over a year. Dr. Martin Luther ______________________ Jr. and 89 others were arrested, tried, and convicted for conspiring to conduct the bus boycott.

After Mrs. Parks underwent a a court trial and a long series of appeals, the Supreme Court ruled (on November 13, 1956) that ______________________ on city buses is ______________________. Mrs. Parks and the others were represented by Thurgood ______________________ (who later became the first ______________________ on the Supreme Court) and other lawyers. The Supreme Court's decision resulted in the desegregation of buses. Mrs. Parks had ___________________.

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Rosa Parks
A Printable Worksheet

A printable worksheet on Rosa Parks, who sued to protest segregation on city buses in Montgomery, Alabama. The printout has information on Rosa Parks, questions, and a picture to color. Answers: 1. She refused to give her seat up to a white man, 2. Alabama, 3. buses, 4. Martin Luther King, Jr., 5. segregation.

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