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Make a Tetrahedron from a Small EnvelopeToday's featured page: Name Theme Page

Make a Tetrahedron from a Small Envelope
Regular Polyhedra

This is a simple way to make a tetrahedron (a pyramid) from a small envelope. All you need is a small envelope, a ruler, a pencil and scissors.


tetrahedron envelope Open the flap of a small envelope. Using a ruler and a pencil, mark the diagonal lines from each corner to the opposite corner. Mark a third vertical line through the middle of the envelope. Fold along each of the lines.

tetrahedron envelope 2 Cut along the top two "V"-shaped lines (discard the top of the envelope).

tetrahedron envelope done Open up the envelope, flattening the bottom a bit. Tuck one side of the envelope into the other side.

tetrahedron envelope done You now have a tetrahedron! To decorate it: untuck it, draw on the sides (but not on the tucked-in side), then re-tuck one side in.

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