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Bagaceratops was a plant-eating dinosaur that had a bony ridge along the back of its skull. This ceratopsian dinosaur lived during the late Cretaceous period, roughly 84 to 71 million years ago.

Anatomy: Bagaceratops had a large head, a bulky body, a parrot-like beak, cheek teeth, triangular cheek protruberances, a short snout horn, and a small frill on its head. This ornithischian (bird-hipped) dinosaur was about 3 feet (1 m) long. Bagaceratops walked on four short legs (it was a quadruped).

Diet: Bagaceratops could eat tough plants; it had powerful jaws and cheek teeth that could chew the food.

Fossils and Name: Bagaceratops fossils have been found in Mongolia. Bagaceratops means "small horned face." This dinosaur was named by Maryanska and Halszaka Osmólska in 1975. The type species is B. rozhdestvenskyi.

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