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Eotyrannus Fact Sheet
Dinosaur/Paleontology Dictionary
NAME: Meaning - Eotyrannus means "dawn tyrant" or "early tyrant"
Pronounced - e-o-tie-RAN-us
Named By - Hutt, Naish, Martill, Barker and Newbery
When Named - 2001
DIET: Carnivore (meat-eater)
SIZE: Length - 15 ft (4.5 m) long
Weight - ?
WHEN IT LIVED: Middle Cretaceous period, about 120 to 125 million years ago
WHERE IT LIVED: Fossils have been found in the Wessex Formation, Isle of Wight, off the coast of Great Britain, Europe.
FOSSILS: What was Found - A 40-percent complete fossil was found in 1997 (including the front half of the skull).
Who Found the Fossils - Eotyrannus was found by a team headed by Darren Naish (Univ. of Portsmouth).
  • Kingdom Animalia (animals)
  • Phylum Chordata (having a hollow nerve chord ending in a brain)
  • Class Archosauria (diapsids with socket-set teeth, etc.)
  • Order Saurischia - lizard-hipped dinosaurs
  • Suborder Theropoda - bipedal carnivores
  • Tetanura - advanced theropods
  • Infraorder Coelurosauria - lightly-built fast-running predators with hollow bones and large brains
  • Superfamily Maniraptoriformes - advanced coelurosaurs with a fused wrist bone
  • Family Tyrannosauroidea - huge predators with small arms and two-fingered hands (the third finger was very tiny). Tyrannosaurids include T. rex, Albertosaurus, Alectrosaurus, Alioramus, Chingkankousaurus, Daspletosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Nanotyrannus, Prodeinodon, Tarbosaurus, etc.
  • Genus Eotyrannus
  • Species E. lengi (type species named by Hutt, Naish, Martill, Barker & Newbery, 2001), named to honor Gavin Leng, who found the first fossil on the Isle of Wight.
Eotyrannus was a relative of T. rex.

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