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Information on Rivers
River activities
River Quiz
Geography Pages

1. What is the longest river in Africa? ____________________________

2. What is the longest river in South America? ____________________________

3. What continent has no rivers? ___________________________________

4. What is the name of the beginning of a river? _______________________________

5. What is the name of a river or stream that flows into a larger river? _______________________________

6. What is the name of a stagnant lake that forms alongside a river after the river changes course? _______________________________

7. What is the name of the end of a river, where it empties into a large body of water? _______________________________

8. River deltas usually have what shape? _______________________________

9. What is the name of the area where a river meets the sea or ocean? _______________________________

10. What is the name of the natural cycle in which water travels from the earth to the atmosphere and back again? _______________________________

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